• Education à la santé : conseils d'un ostéopathe

    Mathieu Rossano, parent d'élève et ostéopathe, est venu vendredi 13 mai donner des conseils aux élèves  pour mieux se tenir en classe afin d'aborder les apprentissages dans des conditions optimales.

    Voici quelques  conseils:

    ·       At home: 1. Drink (away from meals!) 2. Avoiding lengthy online sessions 3. Study seated/ or standing and take frequent breaks 4. Exercise at least twice weekly – to include flexibility and stretching 5. Go to bed early!

    ·     At school: 1. Hydration 2. Class exercise routine (standing or seated) 3. Play hard in the playground!

     Class exercise routine:

    All exercises are performed standing, taking care not to hurt your neighbour:

    Tip-toe pumps: push up onto tip-toes and down up to ten

    Whole body stretch: fingers interlocked and knees straight, breathe in then lean forward until you touch the floor, hold a few seconds whilst breathing our, then roll up again and stretch up and backwards.  Repeat twice.

    Pelvic circles: hands on hips and legs straight, draw circles with your pelvis, half-dozen going to the right, half-dozen to the left

    Back twists: hands joined and elbows outwards, rotate to the right, then to the left, holding the end of range for a couple of seconds.  Repeat a couple of times.

    Shoulder circles: rotate both shoulders in large circles half a dozen times forwards, then half a dozen times backwards

    Forearm stretches: hold your arms fully outstretched, stretching one hand into full extension for a few seconds, then into full flexion.  Change hands, then repeat the exercise once.

    Neck exercises: gently and smoothly look up and down three-four times, then to the right and left, then sideways (ears towards shoulders) right and left

    Eye exercise 1: eyes wide open, cup them into the “dark chamber” of the palms of your hands.  Hold to the slow count of 15, then gradually remove your hands

    Eye exercise 2: hold a finger between both eyes elbow flexed, identifying two equidistant objects located 10 metres away, one to the right and one to the left of the finger.  Focus first on the finger, then on the object on the right, then back to the finger, then to the object on the left, then back to the finger.  Repeat three times.




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